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Book Study

As part of our parish discernment about Total Ministry, we will be engaging in a book study of Living on the Border of the Holy by L. William Countryman. This is a book about priesthood – not only about the ordained priesthood, but about the priesthood of all believers. Countryman says that a priest is anyone who lives with “glimpses of the Holy,” and who “comes to the aid of others who are living there.” Since God the Holy Spirit gives gifts and activates experiences in all of us, that means all of us have some sort of priestly ministry to share with each other.


Copies of the book are available online, either in print or as e-books. The parish has purchased eight copies, which will be made available to anyone who doesn’t shop online, or who for whom the purchase might be costly. Ask Br. Mike for more information.


After we’ve all had some time to read the book, we will organize some group sessions for discussion and reflection, and to see how we might apply insights to our own ministry teamwork at Holy Cross.


Stay tuned!

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